Wax-based preservative for anti-corrosion protection of closed sections in the car body. Resistant to atmospheric factors and to weak acids and bases. It has good penetration (reaches inside sections) and gives a tight layer which protects against water and salt. The kit includes an adapter for directly applying the preservative into closed sections through their process openings.

CAUTION! Clean the valve after use. Turn the container upside down and spray for about 5 seconds until the valve is empty.

Colours: Colourless

VOC II/B/e limit = 840 g/l
VOC < 570 g/l

Article-No Unit
package (ml)
package (pcs.)
34012 500 6
Article-No Unit
Package (ml)
34012 500
Cumulative package (pcs.)
34012 6
  • Shake for 2 min.
  • Apply the product into slots with the adapter
  • Clean the valve for 5 s

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