TERMO - Epoxy Putty

The Termo putty is a two-component epoxy putty used under powder coats. It is intended for repairing small defects and roughness of metallic surfaces. The product has a curing time which is relatively short for epoxy-based products, and a very high mechanical strength. It also exhibits a perfect adhesion to metal substrates and a high thermal resistance. The product can be hardened at air temperature or in ovens.

Article-No Unit
package (kg)
package (pcs.)
31521 0,40 12
Article-No Unit package (kg)
31521 0,40
Cumulative package (pcs.)
31521 12
  • Clean and sand substrate
  • Degrease
  • Mixing ratio by wight: Comp. A-4 parts
    Comp. B-1 part
    30-60 min/21°C
  • Apply the putty
  • 2-3 days in. 21°C
    160°C - 20-30 min
    120°C - 40-50 min
    60°C - 80-120 min
  • 1. P80-P120
    2. P240-P600

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