The fast-drying control spray is a product aid which creates a thin control layer on surfaces intended for sanding (i.e. putties, primers). The control layer allows quickly detecting all sanding unevenness and scratches during processing, and to correct the areas which require further processing. Proper evaluation of the sanded surface preparation ensures high quality repairs. The product has the FAN nozzle, which ensures that the application properties of the spray jet are similar to those of a conventional spray gun nozzle.

CAUTION! Clean the valve after use. Turn the container upside down and spray for about 5 seconds until the valve is empty.

VOC II/B/e limit = 840 g/l
VOC < 710 g/l

Article-No Unit
package (ml)
package (pcs.)
34022 500 6
Article-No Unit
package (ml)
34022 500
Cumlative package (pcs.)
34022 6
  • Shake for 2 min
  • Apply 1 coat
  • Leave for 3-5 min
  • Sand-paper
  • Clean the valve 5 s

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