Training centre

The floor space of 2500 m includes four lecture halls, the advanced R&D Laboratory, and the training paint shop equipped with a paint box and two pre-treatment zones. NOVOL is particularly focused on improving work efficiency at painting shops. Hence, we provide training courses for painters and on-site presentations of our systems. Our numerous satisfied customers get their education at the NOVOL Training Centre. The students apply from Poland and both Western and Eastern Europe.We have an average of 5000 participants per annum. To meet customer demands, our Representatives and Technicians do system presentations at customer's locations. The personnel maintain relations with the customers and ensure the best quality of cooperation. Their duties include cost optimisation consulting and painting technology supervision.





The 3 Pillars of NOVOL's Success


NOVOL products utilise state-of-the-art technology and materials selected from around the world.


NOVOL products assure the effective functioning of the modern paint shop.


NOVOL products guarantee complete satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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